Do you want to walk into Rockpool and get only a date slice, or maybe waltz into Quay just for the eight-texture chocolate cake, but you’re unsure if that’s even a thing you can do? Reynold Poernomo (who was on MasterChef 2015) plans to make this possible with a new dessert bar in Central Park’s Kensington Street development.

“It will be fine-dining desserts at an affordable price and in a casual environment,” says Poernomo. He’ll plate up his signature desserts and serve a range of classic patisserie cakes, coffee, savoury dishes and cocktails. Poernomo says the cocktails and the savoury food will be designed to match the flavours and aesthetics of his desserts.

He will be joined in the business by his two brothers, Ronald and Arnold. “The second floor is going to be lounges, a bar, a small, chilled-out space. On the bottom floor there will be a patisserie-style cafe,” says Ronald, who will design the cocktails and run the bar. Arnold, a judge on MasterChef Indonesia, will handle the savoury food. The brothers say the menu will be Asian-inspired.

Poernomo’s Little Garden is a cylindrical parcel of soft ganache sprinkled with honeycomb, mandarin jelly, honey-rosemary ice cream, chocolate soil, mandarin and chocolate shards. Look forward to the Nomtella, with hazelnut brownie, chocolate-cake crumbs, vanilla rum, espresso and salted caramel. And the Moss, with charred apple, aero yoghurt, dulce de leche, matcha, pistachio sponge and green-apple sorbet.

The floor and coffee will be managed by a friend of the brothers, Jackie Park. Park says he’s working with the design team from Loop Creative (Zushi, China Lane) to have a flower garden at the front of the venue. As well as looking nice, the garden will provide herbs and edible flowers for the bar’s desserts and cocktails.

The yet-to-be-named café is slated to open mid-November.