If there were ever a cafe to break the mould of the CBD coffee shop, it’s Regiment. The tiny new cafe, tucked into the corner of Regimental Square, is brimming with ambition and innovation.

Coffee fanatics should instantly notice the effort Zach Hiotis (the owner) and Five Senses have put into the set-up. As well as two beautiful Synesso Hydra espresso machines, the short counter displays an SP9 (an automated filter machine) and Sydney’s only pair of Übermilks, coffee gadgets that pour pre-steamed milk.

There are Five Senses blends, rotating single origins for filters, Mörk hot chocolate, kombucha on tap and sodas by Katie Swift. “She makes them all and delivers them herself. She's inspirational,” says Hiotis.

Also obvious is the thought (and likely money) that’s been put into making Regiment so lavish. The Porter and Maple design has a light timber bench curving around the outside of the glass façade, gold tinges and timber furniture inside. Guru Projects designed the kitchen and marble-topped coffee counter which adds further gloss, as does a simple brass inlay of the cafe’s name on the tiled floor.

The edible side of things, run by Lisa Northmore (ex-Plunge No. 46) straddles convenience (a necessary driver in these parts) and ambition. “The brief here wasn't just to do exceptional espresso, we wanted to do good food. Usually in a space like this you can only do one, but I feel like we’ve done both,” says Hiotis.

For CBD takeaway orders, there’s Smoking Gun bagels or Bread & Butter Project sourdough spread with wattle macadamia peanut butter, peach-brandy jam or filled with substantial combos such as house-cured salmon, beetroot, labneh and dukkha.

Also on the menu are bowls; a particularly alluring example of which is the soba noodle salad with house kimchi (far more pungent than the usual cafe variety), a wedge of caramel-y roast pumpkin, radish, mint, crushed peanuts and a lime-miso dressing. “Once we've worked out the dance – working in there all together – I'll experiment a bit more,” says Northmore.

The other thing still to come is the cafe’s liquor licence, something Hiotis hopes will come with expanded seating in Regimental square.

Regiment CBD
333 George Street, Sydney

Mon to Thu 6.30am–4pm
Fri 6.30am–7pm


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