“Our vision was to create the kind of meals we would have eaten with our families in Israel,” says Yoni Kalfus, chef and owner of Bondi’s Shuk cafe. And the team has reached its goal. It has also created a warm, inviting space made for lingering over a long brunch.

If you’re a fan of shakshuka, Shuk won’t disappoint. The family sized dish of baked eggs in a spicy, thick tomato and red capsicum sauce is served with slices of bread, made to scoop up all the sauce.

It’s easy to prepare at home and will impress anyone you invite over to share it with you. Just don’t forget the bread for all that spicy sauce.

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Shuk’s Shakshuka
Serves 4


1tbs olive oil

1tsp salt

1 onion (medium or large) – diced

1 red capsicum – sliced into long strips

½tsp dried coriander

½tsp sweet paprika

¼tsp cumin

2 cloves of garlic – diced

8 tomatoes, chopped or one tin of chopped tomatoes

chilli to taste, chopped

1tbs of honey

4–6 eggs

Chopped parsley for garnish


Start with a hot saucepan (25–30cm) and fry the onion and capsicum with the olive oil and salt, mixing in the spices.

Once the onion is brown, add diced garlic along with the fresh or tinned tomatoes (and chilli if you like it spicy) and cook for 20 minutes. Add the honey and stir. The shakshuka sauce is now ready.

Before adding the eggs (4–6 as you please), make four little nests in the sauce with a spoon – and break the eggs into each nest one by one. Cover the saucepan with a lid and then, depending how you like your eggs, you can leave them to cook for 10–20 minutes.

Garnish with chopped parsley before serving with crusty bread.