“We’d come home from school to our grandmother cooking a big pot of macoronia me kima,” Vikki Moursellas says. “We’d eat it out of the pot before it got to the table.”

It’s these memories that she and twin sister, Helena, carried with them through their eight years working in hospitality, and leaned on as they approached the final days of My Kitchen Rules in 2014.

Only months after the release of their cookbook, Taking You Home, the sisters have opened their own Greek and modern Australian restaurant on the ground floor of Sydney’s Civic Hotel, Twofold.

“We want people to feel like they’re eating in our home,” says Vikki, “and to leave here with satisfied, full bellies.” Alongside Helena in the kitchen, is head chef Robert Taylor (ex Swine & Co).

Alongside a series of adjustments to pub food, such as a spinach-haloumi sausage roll filled with feta and wild greens served with tomato chutney, the menu features a few Greek favourites. The pork belly with braised cabbage, roasted spuds and homemade gravy; and the “lamb pie” moussaka made with eggplant, bechamel and potato are perfect winter comfort foods.

For dessert expect Mediterranean-inspired treats such as their Reyani Semolina Cake with orange, lime mascarpone and spiced syrup. And as the seasons change, so will the menu. The sisters have a list of fresh salads and desserts in mind to share throughout the year.

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A homemade Greek meal wouldn’t be complete without matching Greek wines. “Some of the wines even come from our own village in Greece,” Moursellas tells us. “Greek wine is difficult to find and we want to bring it to people.”

There are whispers of a brunch spot later this year and eventually, a Twofold Melbourne.

388 Pitt Street, Sydney
(02) 8080 7000

Daily 11.30am–3pm, 5.30–10pm