Former executive chef of Rupert & Ruby, and owner of Challenger Smallgoods, Eli Challenger has opened a pop-up deli with Kubrick's owner Tim Maxwell in Darlinghurst.

Its menu is small, but it’s got everything you need. It’s serving five sandwiches and three salads. Challenger’s favourite item is the smoked-brisket sandwich. “It’s a cured NY-style brisket pastrami, but the rub is a little more barbeque. I was hesitant to call it a Reuben because its not, technically speaking, a Reuben. It’s got the same feel, though: rye roll, kale-kraut, Swiss cheese, Dijon. Its a pretty boss sandwich for 10 bucks.”

The boys from Sensory Lab will also be there brewing their usual caffeinated goods. For breakfast, pick up a maple-bacon and egg roll, or a chia pudding with fruit.

Challenger has always had a fondness for sandwiches, and opening a deli has always been on his to-do list. “I've been a chef for a long time, but most things I eat come smashed between two pieces of bread, so opening a little sandwich shop-deli has always been something I wanted to do.”

Eli’s Deli will be open from 7am–3pm daily until December 5 at Kubrick's.

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