Winter has finally arrived – at least for a short while. Seize the crisp mornings and afternoons that feel like evenings as an excuse to maximise your warm-beverage intake. While a classic hot chocolate is hard to beat, less mainstream options are taking over our Instagram feeds. Here are five innovative warm beverages to try this winter.

Turmeric and ginger latte at Venus Wholefoods
At Venus Wholefoods in Surry Hills, the short and sweet menu ranges from Luxe banana bread to vegan Bircher muesli, sprinkled with rosemary and coconut sugar and topped with goji berries and rhubarb. It’s the perfect balance of clean eating and comfort food, and the turmeric latte is no exception. Made with cold-pressed ginger, turmeric root and coconut milk, the drink is rich in curcumin, which is known to lower cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Matcha latte at The Brunch Lady
On board with all things matcha, the menu at The Brunch Lady features an “I Love You So Matcha” smoothie; a matcha and white chocolate cookie; and matcha and spinach porridge. Packed with antioxidants, The Brunch Lady’s matcha latte is a winter warmer with a gentler caffeine kick than coffee.

Neighbourhood’s hot chocolate
At Surry Hills’ newest coffee spot Neighbourhood, owner and coffee roaster Sean McManus is an advocate for dairy alternatives, producing oat milk on-site. A medley of organic oats, medjool dates, vanilla pods and Himalayan sea salt is combined with Weiss chocolate to create Neighbourhood’s signature hot chocolate. A vegan Vietnamese single-origin chocolate alternative is also available.

Berry Bomb Latte at The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar
Redfern’s Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar is dedicated to 22 varieties of organic tea and accompanying tea-infused eats, serving tea from Finum glass teapots and treats on minimalist wooden trays. It offers a few latte options – including the Russian Rabbit Latte, served with a side of raspberry jam; and the Turkish Delight Latte, an infusion of decadent rose and cacao – but the stand-out is the Berry Bomb Latte. With a black tea and milk base, the blend is infused with fresh berries and topped with dehydrated raspberries.

Pana Chocolate’s vegan hot chocolate
Alexandria’s Pana Chocolate is a haven for those who love chocolate but hate the associated guilt. Its chocolate treats, which range from 10 varieties of bars to truffles, cake pops and brownies, are plant-based and organic. At its Sydney flagship, which adjoins Bread & Circus, the gluten-and sugar-free vegan hot chocolate is made of warm Brazil-nut milk, vanilla beans and cinnamon accompanied by a fragment of Pana’s raw chocolate bark.

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