For the carb-lover, there are few things better than a forkful of freshly made pasta. Although options for a fix are far from sparse, sometimes the best place to be is right in your own kitchen.

Getting hands-on with flour, eggs and easily breakable strands of fettuccine may seem like a dauntingly messy task, but it’s one that CBD bistro, Mordeo hopes to make more approachable with the launch of its monthly pasta-making classes.

Guests are invited to use the finest semolina flour and plenty of fluffy potato and egg. The most difficult decision of the evening: egg pasta or gnocchi?

Once decided, owner Nicholas Aspros and head chef Marc Gehret will guide the process, explaining each ingredient and variations that can be made. A few fancy pasta-prepping tricks can be expected.

For gnocchi, after mashing egg into potato, rolling it in flour and hand cutting the dough into squares, the nearly finished product is put directly into boiling water. To finish; a bit of olive oil, fresh parmesan and Gehret’s simple tomato sauce. Guests then taste test their creation. For the pasta chefs, balls of yellow dough are wrapped in plastic to be taken home to roll and cut after they’ve had a chance to relax.

To finish the evening, guests enjoy a banquet meal showcasing a few of Mordeo’s fresh pasta dishes and sides, including, fettuccine with king prawns in tomato, chilli and white-wine sauce, and sautéed squid-ink gnocchi with broad beans, truffle salumi and grana padano.

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Mordeo Bar & Bistro is located in the Assembly of Deutsche Bank Place and may be worth a bit of adventure for a mid-week date night.

Monthly classes to begin in approximately six weeks time, running from 6:30pm-9pm. Check for updates and ticket prices.

Mordeo Bar & Bistro
126 Phillip Street, Sydney

Mon 7am–4pm
Tue to Wed 7am–9.30pm
Thu & Fri 7am–10pm