The Sydney dining scene is getting increasingly competitive, with more and more venues conjuring up exceptional deals to pull customers through the door. Here’s a list of the dumpling dens and oyster bars fighting it out for your bus money.

Oysters at The Bellevue Hotel
After being redesigned last year, the Bellevue Hotel is a happy medium between a comfortable local pub and a classy eatery. There’s no better way to blend the good life with a good price than with $1 oysters. They pair well with a glass of sparkling at an easy $6.

Thursdays 6pm–8pm

Oysters at The Roosevelt
The Roosevelt is shucking fresh Sydney rock oysters once a week for a buck. But don’t let your frugal fun stop there – it’s also taking 20 per cent off each glass of champagne to help wash it all down.

Thursdays 5pm–10pm

Dumplings at Crane Bar
Crane Bar is a fun, colourful restaurant where you can grab an intricately decorated fruit martini and cheap dumplings. Choose from pork, spicy pork, pork & prawn shumai, and vegetable. Use the leftover cash for drinks at a pretty price – beer goes at $5 and wine at $6.

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Wednesdays 5pm–10pm

Dumplings at Della Hyde
Della Hyde started serving up dollar dumplings just over a month ago, but they already have a growing following. Dumplings come in three different varieties: barbeque duck; crab, prawn and snow pea; and mushroom and spinach.

Tuesdays 5pm–11pm

Dumplings and oysters at Crown Street Fish Shop
Not satisfied with a single $1 day, Crown Street Fish Shop has you covered for oysters on Mondays and dumplings on Wednesdays. Get in early for the Monday oysters, as they usually sell out. The Wednesday offering keeps it ocean-themed with prawn gyoza, prawn spring rolls and prawn dumplings, all for a dollar. Pork buns and other dumpling options are also available and start at a tidy $2.

Oysters on Mondays 12pm–until they run out
Dumplings on Wednesdays 12pm–10.30pm

Dolla dogs at The Soda Factory
The Soda Factory is all for keeping wallets full on Tuesdays, serving up seriously good and seriously cheap hot dogs. The menu features a star-studded line-up of six varieties, including the Al Capone Italian sausage, Johnny Drama beef frankfurter and Buffalo Bill crispy chicken sausage. There’s even a dessert dog – the Elvis Presley – with deep-fried banana, peanut butter and strawberry jam.

Tuesdays 5pm–10pm

50-cent chicken-wing challenge at Black Penny
Black Penny is practically giving away its wings at 50 cents apiece. Wings come in two American-style varieties: pan-fried wings in butter and buffalo sauce, and Cajun deep-fried wings coated in a mix of spices and batter. Compete to beat the current record of 53 wings eaten in one sitting.

Mondays 5pm–10pm

Parmesan fries at Bertoni Ristorante and Bar
Bertoni Bar is a southern Italian joint in the CBD, named after brothers Bert and Tony, that knows the only way to make chips better is by adding cheese to them – and it dishes out these parmesan fries for $1. It closes early, though, so go quick smart after work to take advantage of this delicious deal.

Thursdays until 5pm

Other venues to get $1 dumplings:
Tuesdays 4pm–7pm at Smoking Panda
Tuesdays 7am–3pm at The Fox Hole
Wednesdays 6pm–11pm at Johnny Wong’s Dumpling Bar

Other venues to get $1 oysters:
Wednesdays 6pm–7pm at The Morrison
Mondays to Saturdays 4pm–6pm at The Wild Rover