On a not-too-busy corner in Darlinghurst, there’s been another exciting addition to the 2010 culinary postcode, with Chef Andy Bunn turning out his trademark fare at the cafe Honeycomb. Open since mid October, the café’s liquor license is still pending, but the food is bringing crowds anyway. Bunn is best known for his mouth-watering, Mediterranean-leaning dishes at Cafe Sopra and he’s playing a similar, much loved tune here, ringing with fresh ingredients in a neat menu.

There’s little unexpected, but for lovers of Bunn’s food, that’s good news. Options include deliciously syrupy baked rhubarb with thick yoghurt and honey, warm salads of oyster mushrooms, chat potatoes and ricotta, or paninis of provolone, smoked ham and pesto. And yes, his famous banoffee pie is on the menu too, next to poached tamarillo with white chocolate mousse.

The space is simple and comfortably compact, with a huge window that opens one side of the building right up to the street. The space previously housed both Phamish and Koi at various times, but has made way for the honey wood tones and simple, stylish decor that define the new cafe.

The trio of honeycomb-looking lights above the communal table give bronzy warmth to the space, while street-side seating makes for a nice perch in the sun.