As one of Sydney’s original organic cafe and grocers, Aboutlife knows its quinoa from its quandong. The warehouse-sized Rozelle store is always teeming with health-conscious bodies, arms piled with organic produce and fair trade coffee.

The array of breakfast, brunch and lunch options is impressive, as is Aboutlife’s dedication to providing options for those with dietary requirements and desires – biodynamic, organic, gluten-free, high-protein, detox, vegan and low-sugar to name but a few. Health aside, the chefs also value flavour, making the sweet corn and shallot fritters, haloumi burgers and multitude of salads all satisfying, without being exceptional.

The lofty ceilings and adjoining terrace make for a relaxed breakfast space, enhanced by the ability to manoeuvre prams and dogs, which are welcome on the terrace.

The cafe’s popularity, combined with a counter ordering system, can cause delays and mix-ups, but as the staff and fellow customers are all glowing and zen-like, you’ll probably find you don’t mind so much.