The love of artisan bread is strong in Sydney, with heavyweights like Sonoma and Iggy’s and Luxe all too familiar to Saturday morning shoppers, but there’s another cult classic known amongst the purists: Infinity Bakery.

With premises in both Darlinghurst and Manly, Infinity has also in recent years, worked its floured goods into many a cafe and restaurant around the city as well.

The bakery and the ethos of serving only the very best sourdough all started with baker Philip Searle’s baking stint in France many moons ago. Over the years, his vision and knowledge has been passed onto many others who’ve come through the bakery doors and Infinity is now offering up one of the widest ranges of breads for such tiny premises.

They now bake close to a dozen different sourdoughs, as well as traditional loaves, sandwiches, pies, brownies, cookies, cakes, soup du jour and excellent coffee. Though seating is limited to tiny crates and astro-turf at the front of the stores, the real treat is the fact that the bakery stays open for close to 20 hours a day, 363 days a year.