The Hazy Rose serves up a super cosy and inviting room, a terrific (and affordable) drinks list and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Hazy Rose occupies the first floor of an old terrace set amidst the hubbub of Stanley Street’s restaurants and cafes. Formerly a solicitors office and before that allegedly an illegal gambling parlour, the entire joint is one big room that’s all moody lighting and dark tones. The elegant bar sits in the middle and has nice touches like built-in coat hooks. Surrounding the bar are plush lounge chairs, old church pews and some sofas to accommodate larger crews. In between, there are stylish vintage lamps and red velvet curtains.

To drink, The Hazy Rose serves Fat Yak Pale Ale, White Rabbit Dark Ale and longnecks of Coopers. The wine list offers up seven reds and seven whites of mainly Australian extraction, while on the cocktail front, you can have a classic like a Whiskey Sour or a Dark and Stormy, or try something a bit more contemporary like a Stanley Sidecar, which features the house's apricot brandy mixed with Cointreau and lemon juice.

So roll up and meet the latest member of Darlo’s small bar fraternity. Chances are you'll want in. And you won't want out for a long while.