The idea behind The Cook’s Grocer fresh food store was to take the hassle out of cooking. The shop in Rozelle designs your meal, sources the ingredients and delivers it straight to your kitchen. And now it’s going that extra step further by teaching you how to cook.

“The cooking school extends what we’re already doing in our meals by giving people a hands-on experience,” says owner Tim Ryder.

Take part in an intimate, weekly cooking class, which makes healthy cooking accessible. Adopt basic culinary skills and tips on how to make quick and nutritious meals.

The classes will feature a host of celebrity chefs, authors and health enthusiasts, including Carla McMillan – the founder of fitness class subscription service Bodypass – and Clean Living Cookbook author Scott Gooding. Each class will have a different theme, with the first three focused on nourishment, seasonal cooking and preparing meals in under 30 minutes.

The school partners with different restaurants and nutritionists to curate a menu each week for the class. Two of these meals will be demonstrated, after which attendees are given a goody bag with ingredients and recipes to try at home.

“We wanted to make cooking with great ingredients really easy because it’s a bit of a chore, and the quality of produce in supermarkets is crap,” says Ryder. “A lot of cooking classes are half a day, cost 350 bucks and are a bit of a corporate thing, whereas these are small classes with yourself, 10 other people and someone who can really talk to you about their food philosophy.”

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The classes run once a week on Wednesdays from 6.45pm to 8pm, however may also extend to Sundays. Prices range from $49 to $69 depending on how soon you purchase tickets. Book your class here.

The Cook’s Grocer Cooking School
1 National Street, Rozelle
(02) 8084 4486