The Geisha is believed to be the most exceptional of all the coffee varietals grown throughout the world. Born from a rare tree originating somewhere deep in the jungles of Ethiopia, it is the most sought-after and prized bean amid the specialty coffee scene. At this year’s prestigious Best of Panama prize, Panama farmer Robert Brenes took out the top spot with his Ironman Geisha – named for his love of the epic triathlon. And thanks to Campos Coffee, who won the bid for a selection of the winning beans, Australians will be able to sample Brenes’ Geisha.

According to Campos founder Will Young, the Ironman packs a punch with a “a unique taste profile of sweet tangerine citrus, orange, pineapple blossom, jasmine, milk chocolate and rose”. The Best of Panama critiques the coffee’s flavour and uniqueness via a panel of 17. The Ironman scored an impressive 91.7031 out of a possible 100. Young says the coffee “rose to the top as a result of the unique flavours and acidity, which held strong throughout the session, from hot to cold”.

The auction held to sell the Ironman bean along with winners from seven other categories was cutthroat. “The bidding lasted over six hours from 11pm to 5.30am in June,” recalls Young. “The bidding this year was more intense and heavy than any other year, due to both the prestige and the extreme quality.”

Campos will be roasting its portion of the Ironman Geisha every two weeks as well as hosting bespoke cupping sessions for purchasers. There are only 300 150g jars worth $100 each of the produce available in Australia so don’t hesitate.

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