There is an entire subgenre of specialty coffee defined by cafes serving Little Marionette. It’s something of a stylish institution characterised by grungy concepts, San Francisco veneers and malty, milk based coffee. Joining the likes of Short List, Corduroy and Clevelands, The House falls right into this modish coffee phenomenon.

Situated on the corner of Knox and Shepard Street in Chippendale’s back streets, The House is a simple split level espresso bar serving up modest food, exceptional coffee and good vibes aplenty. As with every aspect of The House, the coffee is kept simple yet exceptional, boasting a custom blend by Little Marionette and purposefully foregoing the addition of single origins to the mix.

Though food options here are undeniably minimal, there’s something both charming and refreshing about a café serving just the honest essentials, particularly when they’re prepared with such finesse. Expect pastries, toasted sandwiches and thick cut toast with some delicious toppings.

There’s a strong communal culture surrounding the cafe, with patrons and the soft crackle of vinyl spilling out onto the street corner, a clutter of milk-crates on the footpath accounting for a good portion of the café’s seating. Inside, the rising street level and sunken room create a shallow basement feel, while posters of Neil Young and Bob Dylan further allude to the café’s musical inclinations.

The House Specialty Coffee
Suite 9/9 Knox Street, Chippendale
(02) 8957 4664

Mon to Fri 7am–4pm
Sat & Sun 9am–2pm

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