Eau de Vie has bottled its goodness for all of us to enjoy at home. Following great success with its award-winning, we-can-do-no-wrong cocktail bars in Sydney and Melbourne, Eau de Vie has made staying in for a drink a much happier experience.

The team behind Eau De Vie, headed up by Sven Almenning, has launched its own small-batch cocktail company, The Experimental Spirits Co. Its first product hit the shelves in time for Australian Bacon Week. The cocktail is Smoked Bacon Bourbon, the perfect fireside drink.

Almenning decided to take already top-quality spirits and give them a “bartender makeover” to create unique products with intense flavour and balanced composition. While Smoked Bacon Bourbon may seem left of centre, Almenning insists that when done right, it’s superb; and the quality of ingredients make that difference.

“We use Australian bacon because it tastes fantastic and we managed to source a great and reliable supply of what we thought was a beautiful product that lent itself very well to the whiskey we have chosen,” he says.

With the Smoked Bacon Bourbon already available across Almenning’s bars, which include Eau de Vie Sydney, Eau de Vie Apocethary, The Roosevelt Bar & Diner and Eau de Vie Melbourne, Almenning decided to start a Pozible campaign for consumers to purchase the product by the bottle.

“This is a great way to test the waters for consumer support, and it’s a great starting point for getting into national and local bottle shops,” he says.

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While this is the first drink by The Experimental Spirits Co, it joins a range of already available Eau de Vie-branded bottles. These include Cold Drip Negroni, Coconut & Banana Rum Old Fashioned, and Smoked Bacon & Maple Manhattan, which are all currently available in Vintage Cellars.

Follow the Pozible campaign at pozible.com