There’s a new bar in town and it’s angling for the title of king of the Bloody Mary. With 10 different Bloody Marys on offer – made with house-made tomato juice and skewers of prawns, sliders or buffalo wings – these are some drinks to be reckoned with.

“I’m completely obsessed with Bloody Marys,” says owner Cinta Rockey. “Everywhere I go I’ll order one and think of ways to improve it, or what I like about it. It’s a personal drink for me. And I thought there must be more people like me.” That conviction has lead her to open a space dedicated to showing the fun side of the popular brunch drink. Base spirits include gin, tequila and dark rum, and every variation on the drink has its own twist and garnish above and beyond the usual celery stick.

“I found all these people in the States who are obsessed like me, and who like to put ridiculous garnishes on top, and not take themselves so seriously,” says Rockey. Previously the space was Jekyll and Hyde bar. Rockey took over four months ago, operating under the original name in the beginning, then slowly changing things over.

“America does Bloody Marys best for sure. So we went for American diner food. You have to use your hands and it’s all about guilty pleasures.” The SPAM burger is (perhaps surprisingly) popular, followed by the Buffalo wings and truffle parmesan fries. It is licensed all day, so you can get your fix early with Bloody Marys from breakfast until closing. The motto on the wall proclaims that brunch was invented just so we can drink Bloody Marys before noon.

Bloody Mary’s
332 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst
(02) 9360 5568

Mon to Wed and Sun 8am–10pm
Thu to Sat 8am–midnight

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