Following the success of its first store on the Gold Coast, and its second location in Brisbane, Ze Pickle will open in Surry Hills in March. It will have “the same vibe” as the other Ze Pickle spots.

“Back when we opened Ze Pickle four years ago, the whole burger thing hadn’t really blown up like it has now,” says co-owner, Nathan Zukerman. “At the time we joked we’d have to franchise. Then, organically, it went from that to having someone like [Adam Cheers, the owner-operator and franchisee for the Sydney store] fall in love with our place [in Brisbane], and it all fell into place.”

The menu for the new location will be “exactly the same” as the Queensland stores. It features Wagyu beef, chicken, pulled pork and vegetarian burgers. The 3AM is a Wagyu beef patty with bacon, Kanye's Fried Cheeze Sticks with guacamole and the venue’s signature sauce. Bar snacks include deep-fried Oreos served with liquid Nutella. There’ll also be craft beer on tap and a range of tequila, cocktails and wine.

“A lot of the other burger shops around are the sort of place you might go and smash a burger and leave,” Zukerman says. “We like people to come and spend the night.”

With Sydney’s burger scene going viral, attracting block-long queues and getting more inventive with ways to fit more between buns, Ze Pickle faces a challenge. Can it bring something new to the table?

“It’s funny, because everyone tries to compare burger shops; I guess everyone is a Matt Preston of burgers, but we just do our own thing,” he says. “We try to come up with new ideas.”

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This is the first venture out of the sunshine state for the brand, but it might not be the last. Zukerman and co-owners Aaron Wilson and Joey Day plan to keep up the momentum. They want to open another store in Newcastle and a third store in Queensland.

Ze Pickle will open at 6 / 17–51 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills in the second week of March.