Returning for its second year, the 2015 Young Henrys Small World Festival will bring Sydney’s inner west a bounty of food, drink and entertainment.

Between sets by The Church, Palms and DZ Deathrays, punters can indulge in a selection reflecting some of the best of Sydney's food scene. Mary's, Bloodwood, Porteño and Cornersmith will all be there. And this year Black Betty BBQ will make its first appearance at Small World Festival.

Mitchell Grady, Bloodwood chef and co-owner is excited to be a part of the growing event. “We’re building on our success from last year. We sold out of food so it was a huge win. We’re even more prepared this year,” he says.

Bloodwood will offer a prawn, pastrami and slaw roll, saffron dumplings with kefir cream for desert, and its crowd pleaser – polenta chips with gorgonzola sauce. “The polenta chips have been on the menu since we opened, we do them at every festival,” Grady says.

This year’s event will be held at a new, larger venue – Sydney Park in Alexandria.

Grady has taken the extra space into account. "Last year it was tight, people were standing and eating. The menu for this year has been designed so people can sit down and share our dishes with their friends,” he says.

Mary's is sticking to the classics with its cheeseburger, veg burger and famous Mary's burger as well as fried chicken wings. At Black Betty BBQ there's the pulled-pork roll, served with slaw and beans and the brisket roll served with slaw and pickles. It's also doing buffalo tater tots.

Cornersmith’s menu focuses on seasonal and locally sourced produce from small-scale growers and makers, ethically produced meats, and its renowned house-made pickles. Festivalgoers can try an elaborate smoked fish with spring slaw, sauerkraut and pickles, Cornersmith waffles with salted whey and caramel for a sweeter option or the simplicity of Cornersmith's pickle on a stick.

Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz, co-owners and chefs at Porteño are keeping things streamlined with two sandwiches. “When we do festivals we stick to a few items so we can concentrate on quality," says Abrahanowicz. Milgate explains the process behind the grilled flat snag with onions, mustard and jack cheese; “We make our own sausage mix, put it into a tray and bake it slowly. Then we slice the sausage and put it on a flat grill so it gets crispy. We’re going to be smearing mustard and melting jack cheese all over the bread before serving it with Young Henrys onions, caramelised in beer.”

Young Henrys will provide attendees with beer, cider and spirits, including its Noble Cut gin, which it introduced at last year’s festival.

Small World Festival will take place on September 19 at Sydney Park.