XS Espresso is a milkshake wonderland. It’s all of your wildest and sweetest childhood dreams blended, shaken and stacked into the thickest, richest drinks this side of Strathfield. The new Wetherill Park cafe is already packed every day, mostly with people who want to try its brazen milkshakes, but the coffee has something to do with it too.

Owner Roky Gorgees has been in the area for years. He was working as a business manager in telecoms until one day he was fed up with the lack of good coffee. As well as milkshakes XS Espresso is serving Campos coffee; pastries from Oregano Bakery and Pasticceria Papa; a variety of daily pressed juices; and some cafe classics twisted by Gorgees’ daily whims.

“The whole menu is made by me. In two weeks this week’s menu will be gone,” says Gorgees. The milkshakes are a great example; this week’s special is peanut butter and Tim Tam but next week it’s what Gorgees is currently calling the monster. It's an absolute circus of everything sweet, including Malteasers, Milky Way, Kit Kat, Smarties, condensed milk, liquid chocolate with a chocolate flavoured milkshake, all packed in and around a choc-chip base. There will be some mainstays, such as the XS stack and the eggs-benedict stack. The XS stack is one the cafe’s most popular items; it’s a haloumi and poached egg stack with avocado.

Gorgees says the cafe part of XS Espresso was always supposed to be just the start of the business. He’s planning some kind of dessert bar. He wouldn’t say exactly what it is other than, “It’ll be curate-your-own. We'll do it for you but you'll tell us what to do.”

He is more candid about his plans for upstairs. “We’ve got a bar opening, an old funky 1930s winery bar with ribs, burgers and pizzas at night.” He says the bar and chose-your-own dessert mystery will open in a month and a half. We got an early go at some of the ribs and they’re true to the American barbeque style, sticky, sweet and tender.

XS Espresso
9a/1183–1187 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park
(02) 9757 4265

Mon to Fri 6am–10pm
Sat & Sun 7am–10pm