Ever been into a cafe that just doesn’t get music? Too loud, too fast, too whiny, too scattered? That’s not Suzie Q.

Tucked into Hutchinson Street in Surry Hills, this seven-week-old cafe is the work of DJ Jordan Deck, so unsurprisingly, they get the tunes. So much so that the cafe stocks a tightly curated selection of rare and unusual vinyl for sale (provided by Deck’s mates at Vintage Records in Camperdown) and they keep the cruisy tunes on rotation all day.

They also know their coffee and are the only cafe in Sydney using the balanced and mellow blend from Duke Coffee Roasters in Melbourne, where Deck did a stint in 2011.

The menu is peppered with cute names like ‘The Ghosts of Saturday Night’ breakfast platter or the ‘Sex and Figs’ selection of cheeses with fruit and sourdough.

There’s a touch of 70s retro kitsch in the details –old tool box planters of herbs, vintage suitcases full of newspapers and retro brown light fittings and fern baskets swinging in the breeze from the bi-fold windows – but there’s a polished finish to the new space as well. It’s hard to believe that this cafe has sprung up in a former loading dock beneath EMI’s offices. But it’s the huge black and white Elliott Landy photographic mural of Woodstock that adds the final retro flare.

“I found that image online,” says Deck. “Then I found out who it was and it turned out to be Landy, the official Woodstock photographer from ‘69. I emailed him and ended up buying the rights for it. It’s the open-mic stage at Woodstock.”

On Sundays, Suzie Q run a DJ ‘Slow Cooked’ set from 10am with a rotating array of Deck’s DJ mates. Better yet, they’re licensed, so you can add a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale or glass of Sibling Rivalry Pinot Noir to your festival-vibe lunch.

And the name? Well it came to Deck in bed one night. “I looked at it again the next morning and thought of all that the Credence Clearwater song Suzie Q meant to me. It made me think of good times and great community. That’s what I wanted to create here.”

Suzie Q Coffee and Records
1/18 Hutchinson Street, Surry Hills
(02) 9332 2739

Mon to Fri 7am–4pm
Sat & Sun 8am–4pm