Stuart Masters’ is the baker behind Miss Lilly’s Kitchen. He makes an extensive range of savoury and sweet pies that are sold at Sydney’s markets, with a permanent retail space touted for the near future. Inspired by his Grandma, Miss Lilly, Masters is all about seasonal produce, mixing by hand and cooking by feel.

To prepare us for the winter months, Masters has offered a pie recipe made from his favourite beef cut – tender shin, straight off the bone. With wholesome veggies, smoky bacon, red wine and bay leaf, Masters says, “This is a ballsy and warming pie.” As for those nervous about making puff pastry, Masters believes everyone should give puff a go at least once. There’s a science behind it, however, according to Masters it’s truly, “One of the easiest pastries to make.” If it’s a time issue, any good store-bought puff pastry will do the trick, however, Careme is Masters’ preferred brand.

Miss Lilly’s Beef Shin Pie


Makes two family-sized pies, or one very large one.


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1kg beef shin on the bone (osso bucco)
250g onion
250g carrot
250g celery
1 bunch thyme, chopped
100g free-range bacon, diced
A good whack of freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp tomato paste
250mls red wine
750mls chicken stock
4 bay leaves
30g tapioca starch, or cornflour
chopped parsley

Miss Lilly’s proper pastry

300g flour
1/2 tsp salt
75g butter, diced, chilled
75g lard, diced, frozen
1 tsp vinegar
1 egg, beaten

Brown seasoned beef well and set aside.

Sauté vegetables until soft, add bacon, thyme, black pepper and tomato paste and cook for two-to-three minutes until fragrant.

Add red wine and reduce by about half, then add stock, bay leaves and beef.

Braise in the oven for about 3 hours until meat is fall-off-the-bone soft. Strain liquid, reduce to 250mls and thicken with slurry of tapioca and two tablespoons of water and add meat and vegies back to the pot. Season and add parsley.

To make the pastry, rub butter and lard into the flour and salt until you have the mixture in pea-size pieces.

Add 75–100ml of chilled water and the vinegar slowly, working it in with your fingers until all the floury bits are gone.

Work with the heel of your hand to bring it together to a smooth-ish dough, there should be some light streaks of fat through the dough, but don’t worry if there aren’t.

Wrap, rest for 30 minutes and divide into two blocks.

Roll and line pie tins, fill with beef mix, top with pastry and brush with a beaten egg.

Decorate and crimp to your heart's content.

Miss Lilly’s Kitchen is available at:

Fri - Northern Beaches Markets, 8am to 1pm
1472 Pittwater Road, Warriewood
Sat – Bondi Farmers Markets, 9am to 1pm
Bondi Public School, Campbell Parade
Every 4th Sunday – Glenorie Growers Markets, 8am to 1pm
Glenorie RSL Club