One of the hands-down highlights of the huge Melbourne Now exhibition that took over that city for four months last summer, was watching people interact with artist Darren Sylvester’s ‘For You’. The artwork, which consists of a hugely fun lit-up dancefloor, filled the National Gallery Victoria with smiling, shuffling punters.

Mini Australia is well aware of the ‘For You’ effect, and for its biggest car launch in 10 years, has asked Sylvester to create a brand new dancefloor that will react to dancers and the music at the launch party.

Interactive design gurus Eness will be sprinkling their magic across the Sydney party, with tunes supplied by Naysayer & Gilsun, Astral DJs and Pelvis.

Talking about his Melbourne Now work, Sylvester told us “the dance floor is called ‘For You,’ because it is for you. I’ve spent a lot of time to make this gift so that when you walk in, you’ll feel good about it.” The new Mini dancefloor goes a step further, actually responding to you while you dance. (watch this Youtube clip to see what we mean).

If you’re a fan of MINI, good tunes and excellent parties, head to MINI’s Facebook page to register for the event.

The new Mini hatch launches on Thursday, May 29 at Carriageworks, from 7pm. Head here for a chance to attend.

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