Here at Broadsheet, we’ve noticed a return of the ‘back to basics’ take on life in the food world, and Rohan Anderson’s new instructional cookbook Whole Larder Love does exactly that. A new take on the old art of foraging, Anderson’s approach to cookery focuses on everything you can gather, hunt or grow for yourself, and what to do with it. With a traditional live off the land attitude, Anderson advocates a lifestyle choice: ‘Grow, Gather, Hunt, Cook’.

A self-proclaimed, ‘modern day food warrior’, Anderson seeks to educate readers on a basic and wholesome way to provide and cook for your family. He writes, “This food represents the old ways… these are the things we should treasure.”

Originally the title of his blog, Whole Larder Love combines Anderson’s true loves: foraging, photography and cooking. Creating a half instruction manual, half cookbook, Anderson not only provides a how-to for grow-your-own, he also provides readers with easy and delicious recipes to try with your newly acquired ingredients.

Acknowledging that growing or hunting your own meals may be a daunting task for some of us city dwellers, Anderson provides guidance on how to take steps closer to self-sufficiency. From ‘setting up the patch’, ‘what to hunt’ and ‘gear’ you’ll need, you’ll have the basics covered with clear and detailed guides throughout the book.

Once you’ve mastered the art of catching your own rabbit, gathering your own wild mushrooms and growing your own ruby-red tomatoes, you can try your hand at some of the easy step-by-step recipes. Whole Larder Love is filled with stunning photographs of Anderson’s culinary adventures and mouth-watering images of his simple-yet-delicious meal ideas. From basic treats like glazed blueberry syrup for your pancakes, to masterpieces like roast quail with wild mushroom and autumn mash, Anderson has something for every appetite and skill level.

With spring upon us and a new how-to guide under our arms, we’re going home to water our herb gardens and do a little light reading on how to give our gardens a Whole Larder Love make-over.

Whole Larder Love is available now from selected bookstores.