Just in time for what’s set to be an epic almost-summer long weekend, Moon Park is bringing back its Sunday lunch sitting (which took a little break over winter). This time, there's a deep-fried whole chicken on the menu.

“It’s basically how you buy chicken at the market in Korea,” says co-owner Ned Brooks. “The whole bird is marinated in fermented chilli sauce, then floured and fried. It’s crunchy on the outside and it’s really good.”

The Sunday menu as a whole is inspired by the traditional Korean market food found in Ulsan. The new Sunday lunch menu will feature other shijange (translating to “market”)-inspired dishes such as anchovy broth with noodles and spicy leek; bulgogi lamb and tomato kimchi with pine-nut sauce; tempura kkaenip leaf and pork; and a rice ball with braised tofu and nori. As Brooks puts it, it’s “simple, snacky food.”

“The entire Sunday lunch menu is market food,” Brooks says. “It’s not street food, but it’s the food you’d be eating when you’re in Ulsan and going to a market on a Sunday.”

“Sunday lunch for us is about opening the doors, sitting on the balcony, overlooking the park and having a couple of beers,” says Brooks. And the menu will complement that: “It’s a little bit simpler than our regular menu, but no less delicious.”

Moon Park is open for Sunday lunch starting this Sunday, October 4, from noon until 3pm.