Not all fish and chips are created equal. The worst are fatty, oily messes that have been paid about as much attention as a McDonald’s cheeseburger. But the best fish tastes fresh, and the highest-quality chips are well-salted and satisfying. And the very best of both are crunchy, well-battered and a comforting addition to a day by the sea. Take heed from some of the best tastebuds in the businesses and add these to your holiday itinerary.

Darren Robertson, Three Blue Ducks
“My go-to fish‘n’chip shop is Scales in Tweed Heads, NSW. It’s my favourite spot, as the fish is pretty epic – it’s cooked in a good, crispy batter done right. Plus it’s right across the road from the Tweed River. I usually grab fish‘n’chips (fish always battered) with lemon and loads of salt and head over the road to sit by the river with old mate (my four-year-old son). He usually feeds half the chips to the seagulls. We end up having a little chat about not feeding the birds and why it’s important to finish eating the fish before buying ice-cream, then we typically jump in the river to cool off. There's a little fishmonger at the fish‘n’chip shop too – you can grab oysters, spanner crabs or the local catch – which is pretty handy.”

Samuel Bull, Prince of York
“The last time I had fish‘n’chips was at The Bucket List, Bondi Beach – it was really good. But what makes fish‘n’chips great is a good swim in the ocean first, then hanging out with your family and dog while you eat them. Fish Butchery in Paddington also does a mean spin on fish‘n’chips and has their batter down pat. The last time I was there, I had the buttermilk blue eye roll and potato scallops with salt and vinegar onion rings.”

Pip Pratt, The Gidley and Bistecca
“There is a place in Balmoral beach called Bottom of the Harbour I go to with my wife and children. It’s the perfect setting to eat crispy fish‘n’chips with sand in between my toes. Crispy fish, a healthy pour of vinegar, a squeeze of lemon – delicious! If only I could get my kids to stop throwing chips to the seagulls...”

Rob Cockerill, Bennelong
“My Monday ritual is a swim with my son Hunter at Flat Rock [Bondi] followed by beer-battered flat-head and chips at Bondi’s Best, in North Bondi – fresh, crisp, delicious, summer as.”

Richard Ptacnik, Otto Sydney
“I was down Kogarah-way a little while ago and stumbled across an amazing fish and chippery called The Fishbox & Co. They support Australian sustainable seafood, it was top quality and a lot is made to order – which I like. They even had some gluten-free and vegetarian options which was impressive.”

Kenny Graham, Mary’s, Mary’s Underground, The Unicorn, The Lansdowne
“Fat Fish in Annandale – two old mates who are behind the fryers and grills every single day. I’ve tried a few of the ‘best of’ lists and this place is very hard to beat. [I like to have mushy peas with my fish and chips] so I’ve just got to make them at home, but I’m alright with that.”

Cameron Johnston, Bathers’ Pavilion
“You can’t really beat fish‘n’chips on the beach. I always go to Bondi Best seafoods – I go for the classic fish‘n’chips with tartare sauce and a beer. They do also have an amazing selection of sashimi and meals with a Japanese influence.”

Thom Gorringe, The Gantry
“Fish Butchery in Paddington would be my favourite. They actually dry-age their fish before cooking it, and I love adding vinegar to their chips, too.”