As Sydneysiders hit the beach or head up the coast for the Christmas and summer break, the coastal exodus means that the city can become a bit of a coffee and dining desert. But for those of us holidaying at home this summer, never fear, here’s a list of the dedicated restaurants and cafes that are keeping their doors open and the food and coffee flowing.

Note: times can change, so maybe call before you swing by. After all, everyone deserves a holiday!


Inner West
Brewtown Newtown: Closed 25th, 26th, 27th Dec
Three Williams Café: Closed 25th, 26th
Nan’s Place: Closed 22nd Dec – 6th Jan
The Grounds of Alexandria: Closed 22nd Dec - 6th Jan
Cornersmith: Closed 22nd Dec – 14 Jan
The Copper Mill: Closed 24th Dec – 6th Jan
Shenkin Espresso: Open 24th, 25th, 26th Dec Closed 31st
Bread & Circus: Closed 22nd Dec
West Juliett: Closed 23rd Dec – 13th Jan
Double Roasters: Closed 24th Dec - 6th Jan

Inner East
Paramount Coffee Project: Closed 24th Dec – 6th Jan
Reuben Hills: Closed 25th – 26th Dec
Bourke Street Bakery: Alexandria, Surry Hills, Marrickville: Closed 25th, 26th Dec, 1st Jan
Potts Point: Closed 24th Dec – 6th Jan
Brickfields: Closed 25th Dec – 4th Jan
St Jude : Closed 25th Dec – 2nd Jan

Eastern Suburbs
Icebergs Terrace Café:: Closed 25th 26th, 31 Dec (dinner), 1st, 2nd Jan
The Grumpy Baker:: Open all through
Gelato Messina – Darlinghurst, Bondi, Surry Hills: Closed 25th, 31st Dec 12pm – 6pm, 1st Jan 4pm -11.30pm
Café Sopra Walsh Bay: Closed 24th - 26th Dec, 31st Dec - 1st Jan
Potts Point: Closed 25th, 31st Dec (open for lunch), 1st Jan (closed)
Alexandria: Closed: 22nd, 24th, 29th, 31st Dec, 1st Jan (open for lunch): 25th, 26th, 31st Jan
Earth to Table:: Closed 25th Dec – 8th Jan

North Sydney
Anvil Coffee Co.: Closed 25th Dec, 1st Jan
San Antonio Bakery:: Closed 25th Dec

South Sydney
Left Bower: Closed 24th Dec – 7th Jan
The Jack of Harts and Jude: Closed 24th – 28th Dec


North Sydney
Woolwich Pier Hotel:: Closed 25th Dec
Manly Wine:: Closed 25th Dec
4 Pines Brewing Company: Closed 25th Dec

Eastern Suburbs
The London Hotel:: Closed 25th, 26th Dec
The Bucket list: Open all way through: Closing at 10pm 25th Dec, 6pm 31st Dec
Shady Pines: Closed 25th, 26th, 31st Dec

Inner East
Chester White:: Closed 21st Dec – 8th Jan
Golden Age Cinema & Bar:: Closed 24th – 26th Dec, Closed 31st Dec, 1st Jan

South Sydney
Old Joe’s:: Closed 25th Dec
Clubhouse:: Closed 25th Dec - 6th Jan

Inner West
Kingston Public Bar and Kitchen:: Closed 24th, 25th & 31st Dec, open from 12pm on 1st Jan
The Cottage Bar and Kitchen:: Closed 25th & 26th Dec, 1st Jan


Eastern Suburbs
Mr Moustache:: Closed 25th, 26th Dec & 1st Jan
A Tavola – Bondi:: Closed 25th, 26th, 31st Dec, 1st Jan Darlinghurst: Closed 24th Dec – 2nd Jan
Watson’s Bay Beach Club:: Open all through
Icebergs:: Closed 25th, 26th Dec, open lunch 31st Dec, closed 1st, 2nd Jan
Lox Stock & Barrel: Closed 25th Dec

Inner East
Kyu: b:: Closed 25th, 26th, 29th Dec – 5th Jan
Moon Park:: Closed 23rd Dec - 3rd Jan
House of Crabs: Closed 24th – 26th Dec, open 27th – 30th Dec, closed 31st Dec & 1st Jan
Riley Street Garage: Closed 22nd Dec – 2nd Jan
Chow Bar and Eating House: Closed 24th -26th Dec, open 27th – 29th Dec, closed 31st Dec, 1st Jan
Rushcutters: Closed 25th Dec
Yellow: Closed 25th, 26th Dec
Café Paci: Closed 25th, 26th, 31st Dec, 1st Jan
Fish and Chips by Fish Face: Closed 25th, 26th Dec, 1st Jan
Miss Chu: Closed on the 25th Dec only at all locations
Love Supreme Pizza: Closed 25th Dec

Inner West
Hartsyard: Closed 22nd Dec – 10th Jan
Bloodwood: Closed 22nd Dec – 7th Jan
Shenkin Kitchen: 25th Dec until 12pm, 24th and 26th Dec open until 5pm, closed 31st Dec
Glebe Point Diner: 24th Dec (open for dinner), 25th, 26th Dec closed, 27th Dec (open for dinner), 28th Dec (open for lunch and dinner).
Cipro Pizza: Closed 23rd – 26th Dec, open 27th – 29th Dec, closed 30th Dec

North Shore
Golden Bo: Open all through

Old Town Hong Kong: Open all through
Noble Canteen: Closed 25th Dec – 6th Jan
Ruby and Rach: Closed 20th Dec – 6th Jan
Rockpool: Closed 25th, 26th Dec, open for dinner only on 1st Jan
Café Nice: Open 24th Dec till 6pm, closed 25th, 26th Dec, special New Year's menu 31st Dec, closed 1st Jan
Mr Wong: Open 24th Dec, closed 25th, 26th Dec, 31st Dec & 1st Jan
Nomad: Closed 25th, 26th Dec, 1st, 2nd Jan

South Sydney
Alphabet Street: Closed 25th, 26th, 31st Dec & 1st Jan