Most chefs are deeply passionate about where they choose eat when they’re off duty. And interestingly, their picks aren’t strictly fancy-schmancy, either.

Released in 2013, the first edition of Where Chefs Eat by UK publisher Phaidon gave readers an insight into the culinary predilections of 400 of the world’s top chefs, and in the process, changed the traditional restaurant guide-book game. Eschewing the usual model of assessment-via-restaurant-critics or “experts”, the guide instead went straight to the source: seeking recommendations from the restaurant industry’s true experts: the chefs themselves.

The newly released second volume has more than 80 per cent new material and a total of 3250 meals listed. This time, 600 of the world’s top chefs have been grilled for their opinions, and, rather than being a back-slapping nepotistic boys’ club, the guide is refreshingly insightful. The chefs included describe everything from their fancy high-end dining picks, to cheap-eats heroes, late-night drinking haunts and breakfast spots.

Within the guide you’ll find honest recommendations from such globally renowned names as David Chang, Massimo Bottura, Yotam Ottolenghi and the Adria brothers, with Australian chefs such as Mark Best, Frank Camorra, Shannon Bennett and several more weighing in with their local favourites, too.

So no matter how obscure your craving – whether you’re keen to get smashed in Barcelona or feast on suckling pig in the hills of Ubud – across almost 1000 pages, chances are you will find your happy place. May the great chefs of the world guide your way.

The second edition of Where Chefs Eat is available in book stores or online via Phaidon or as an app in iTunes.