Whether you’re a fruity flavour fan or a chocolate die-hard, a cone advocate or a cup enthusiast, there are few things more satisfying on a hot summer day than a cool hit of gelato. Most chefs are just as enthusiastic about their frozen treats, with some kitchens – such as Paddington’s 10 William Street – even ordering bulk deliveries via UberEats when the craving strikes. We hit-up some of Sydney’s best chefs to find out where they prefer to get their summer gelato dose.

Trisha Greentree, 10 William Street
“[My favourite] is without a doubt MaPo in Newtown. It’s a perfect combo with the best pizza in town, Bella Brutta, nearby. Mapo is small-batched, keeping it freshly churned on higher rotation. Respected raw products are used, including milk from Barambah Organics to make the fior di latte flavour (a type of mozzarella) the best I have had, and Pepe Saya butter to make the salted caramel. They’re my two favourite flavours.

I also have to mention Redfern’s Ciccone & Sons for the dine-in experience. A banana spilt with the house-made ice magic and caramel sauce with extra cherries is pure happiness. I always take home a tub of passionfruit and buttermilk, blast-frozen for the journey home.”

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Mike Eggert, Totti’s
“I’m definitely torn between MaPo and Marrickville’s Gelato Franco. I am sure they both have great sorbets and vegan options, but I’m a classic fat kid; If I’m going for gelato, I want dairy and both these places use great milk, with minimal sugar and excellent ingredients.

My go-to flavour is stracciatella [milk gelato with chocolate]. There is nowhere to hide with this one, so you’ve got to make it good.”

Pasi Petanen, Cafe Paci
“At the moment, I'm loving Matteo Pochintesta's MaPo in Newtown. The Pepe Saya butter sea-salt caramel in a cone is my new favourite. Hazelnut Piedmont is another favourite, served in the brioche bun."

Scott Williams, Ragazzi
“I actually eat a shitload of gelato at Ragazzi because we make our own in-house and I'm constantly tasting. But out of the office, Lankan Filling Station have some incredible flavours on their menu. The jaggery and cardamom is awesome, as is the ginger and turmeric, and the king coconut sorbet. Such a good way to end a super tasty, spicy meal."

Mitch Orr, CicciaBella
“MaPo in Newtown is my fave. It’s new, but it’s excellent. I always gravitate toward chocolate. Their flavours are really seasonal so I might opt for something fruit-based while it’s at its best.”

Anna Ugarte–Carral, junior sous chef at Momofuku Seiobo
“The gelato I eat most is at Alberto's Lounge. It changes all the time but when I went last it was just plain hazelnut, but it was perfect, not too sweet. Also sometimes they are stern about what flavours you can combine, and I respect that.”

Tom Walton, Bondi Beach Public Bar, Bucket List, Harpoon Harry
“Being a Bondi local, I love Anita Gelato on Campbell Parade. They have an amazing range of delicious flavours and the texture of their gelato is always spot on. It's hard not to stop when we walk by. They have a great range of dairy-free flavours, which my kids love. My go-to flavour is the pavlova, and the kids love the vegan dark chocolate.”

Maurice Terzini, Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, The Dolphin
“I really love Ciccone & Sons in Redfern. The boys are legends and make some really amazing, classic flavours. Because everything is done from scratch, everything is authentic and well done. I got surprised the other day with the chocolate and nougat flavour – delicious.”

James Tai, sous chef at Automata
My favourite gelato shop is Gelateria Gondola in Chatswood. They make some of the most authentic gelato using local and seasonal ingredients, such as kumquat – that's the perfect sweet treat after the Chinese food I'm usually eating around there. It’s close to where I live and in a quiet area which means I don’t have to line up for a long time either. My go-to is the kumquat and ginger, or banana nutella. Their coffee isn’t bad either, so I usually have a coffee with the gelato.

Sharon Salloum, Almond Bar, 3 Tomatoes
“After moving into an apartment nearby a few months ago, I’ve grown a real attachment to MaPo Gelato in Newtown. My two favourite flavours are pistachio di Sicilia (Sicilian pistachio) and Massa di Cacao (organic cacao mass). I’m not a vegan, but both flavours are to die for. I love MaPo because it is by far the creamiest, most perfect balance of sweetness and texture I’ve ever had in a gelato. I’ve become a regular and have always been completely satisfied.”

Jemma Whiteman, formerly of Lankan Filing Station and Pinbone

Rivareno’s hazelnut is insanely good. It has the best, smoothest texture and super hazelnutty flavour. But also my other favourite is the jersey milk from Ciccone & Sons; it's so pure and so delicious.”