Have you noticed that queue on Pitt Street? The one opposite Boon cafe and attended by smartphone photographers and wide-eyed travellers? The line is outside Thai restaurant 3 Mama Chef’s, but it’s not Thai food these people are waiting for. It’s the latest feat of culinary engineering to hit Instagram and blogger columns since the mezza train and Nutella doughnut milkshakes.

While it’s called Supercow Ice Cream, let’s call them ice-cream scrolls for the sake of simplicity. Here’s how it works. You pick an ice-cream flavour: anything from coffee, chocolate and vanilla, to taro, milk and green tea. Then you choose what goes in it, from a choice of 35 ingredients. The more-standard range includes pistachios, brownie chunks, Ferrero Rocher and marshmallows. More interesting additions include avocado, durian, jelly and cream cheese.

After all decisions are made, the ice-cream scroll engineer pours the base, like an ice-cream sauce, onto a plate of steel resting at around minus-30 degrees. On top of that, they throw in whatever else you requested and start mashing and slicing like a Teppanyaki chef. Once it forms a rough paste, it’s smoothed out onto a big square and, once extremely cold, cut into rectangles and scraped off the pan into curls. These are the ice-cream scrolls. Top with whipped cream and more bits and, just like that, you’re part of the new craze.

The Supercows Ice-Cream Stall
3 Mama Chef’s, 410 Pitt Street, Sydney

Mon to Sun 12pm–11.30pm