Goodtime Hospitality Group, co-founded by James Bodel and Locky Paech, has added the once-popular East Village pub to their folio. Bodel and Paech have had their eye on the four-storey, 100-year-old heritage site for around a year, but after watching the property go on and off the market, jumped at the chance to buy it.

Each of the four levels will have a slightly different theme, although Paech doesn’t want to give away too much yet. The rooftop is the crown jewel, with an incredible view that places you right in the middle of the city skyline. He is equally excited about the level below the roof. He tentatively calls it a, “neat version of an American sports bar”, but explains that there will be a modern Australian spin on the concept. “It will be different to what you see in Australia,” he says, “leather lounges, a relaxed vibe. More of a gentleman’s club, without being the American reference of that.”

Paech thinks the Darlinghurst pub will become a community focal point in the heart of the city. He wants to work with local businesses to create a place for nine to fivers to grab a drink after work. There will be a floor dedicated to being a relaxed “local boozer".

The menu will continue to follow the same ethos of refined, modern-Australian pub food as Goodtimes’ other establishment, the West Village, but adapted slightly to suit the area. Executive cef Nathan Holowell (X74 Coogee, Catalina) will make the move to achieve this.

East Village is slated to open in late Spring 2016.