Redfern Shanty Club at The Dock
The Dock in Redfern has become home to, of all things, a resurgence in rousing sea shanties. Fearlessly led by ruddyfaced comedian Carlo Ritchie, these rowdy Mondays welcome all; the only requirement is a love of group singing (although a penchant for rum is admired). Expect heart-wrenching tales of lovers left ashore, then gear up for foot-stomping pirate numbers. Get there early, the space is small.
9pm, The Dock, 182 Redfern Street, Redfern


Live Rock‘n’Roll Karaoke at Frankie’s Pizza
In Japanese, “karaoke” translates to “empty orchestra”, but Frankie’s is offering potential glory fronting a live band. Punters can choose from a catalogue of classics, and an MC is there to pick up the slack and (if needed) restore your honour. This will change everything you knew about karaoke in Sydney. Leave your shame at the door.
9pm–3am. Frankie’s Pizza, 50 Hunter Street, Sydney


Swingtime at Miss Peaches
There’s one fast track to old-school cool: rockabilly. In six short weeks, Sharon Hanley can impart swinging rock‘n’roll basics to even the hopelessly uncoordinated. Hosted on the dance floor at Miss Peaches, these classes will make you work up a sweat. Bring a partner or, if you’re really game, find one at the bar. The hour warrants a post-boogie beverage and it’s worth sticking around – the intermediate class that follows defies physics.
Beginners 6.30pm ($14) and intermediate 7.30pm ($16)
Miss Peaches, 201 Missenden Road, Newtown

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Mondo Fondue, The Record Crate
Philosophy, art, activism and cinema. Started by Brett Garden and Rich D’Addona, Mondo Fondue is a creative showcase of, “something new and weird”. It’s hard to predict what each event will involve, but it invariably features underground artists and fascinating minds. There are readings, screenings, music and interactive discussions and debates. The night has an irregular timetable, so use The Record Crate’s Facebook page to double check it’s running that week. If all else fails, the front bar has an unbeatable vinyl collection.
Most Thursdays at 7pm. The Record Crate, 34 Glebe Point Road, Glebe