If you’ve noticed it coffee gracing establishments including Porch Bread & Wine Parlour or Alpha in the CBD, then you’ll be thrilled to know that the Sydney coffee roaster Will & Co. has opened its own secret(-ish) cafe in Bondi.

“It’s incredibly difficult to find,” says Sam Coombes who, with his brother Richard, is behind the coffee brand. “It’s literally a doorway between a back packers’ and a surf shop.”

So, head “down the lane and up the stairs” because this place is certainly worth seeking out – though be warned, it’s a weekend-only venue for now. During the week the space serves as the brothers’ office; they are also behind Batlow Cider.

“The cafe is the outdoor space. Rather than leaving it unused, it made sense to open it on the weekend and to try things out from a coffee perspective. We test single origins and serve iced coffees etc.” says Coombes. The menu offerings can be counted on one hand, but the brothers use produce from their own garden. Watch out for house-roasted granola with poached fruit, teas from Pondicherry tea farm in India or house-made chai. Everything the brothers do is based around working with friends and close connections, or making the most of spaces and opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked.

The feel of the cafe is all beachside, blue-and-white freshness, with just a hint of the pre-loved about it. And there’s a lot to be said for the hidden location.

“We’ve had a few people stumble upon us, but mostly people find us by referral and people spreading the word. It creates a bit of a community around the space and often the people that come in are separated by half a degree.”

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You might have tried them at one of the 18 cafes that they supply, but it’s nice to stop into their dedicated space.

Will & Co.
33 Hall Street, Bondi Beach

Sat & Sun 9am–2pm