The plush pink seats are soft like velvet and immaculate. A neon sign is plastered across a clean concrete wall and menus are pastel pink and blue. It’s not the place you’d imagine serving double-patty cheeseburgers and cacio e pepe-style cheese-covered fries, but Baby Coffee Co. does.

John Davidson Jr, one of the three owners (along with Alessandro and Gianni Panetta), says the concept is junk food in a glamorous setting. But the menu also has dishes as lavish as any Instagram-focused cafe these days. Espresso panna cotta is served with strawberry mousse, muesli, honeycomb and berries – lined up across one-third of the plate; soft serve covered in hundreds and thousands is stuffed into a croissant; and their version of avo on toast is mixed with pesto and topped with purple brussels sprouts, torched cauliflower and blood orange.

Gianni Panetta has worked with Coffee Roasting Solutions on a house roast. Davidson runs a brunch cocktail menu sporting bottomless mimosas, Spritzes topped with a forest of torched thyme, and a Bloody Mary-inspired mix with a huge umami punch decorated with bamboo shoots.

Soon he’ll also be running a “smashable” wine list to go along with the cafe’s upcoming pasta, meat and cheese nights. “It won’t be exclusively Italian, but Gianni and I have Italian heritage so that will always come through,” says Alessandro.

The trio is hoping to maintain a party vibe from day to night. Drake and Kanye blare out of the speakers (there’s a few bespoke prints of the artists too) and the elaborate plating, furniture and branding are meant to give an opulent feel. “We were really inspired by White Men Can't Jump and that pale washed-out pink colour kept coming up,” says Alessandro. “That’s set in Venice Beach, and you’ve also got the Miami Vice colour palette with the neon.”

Baby Coffee Co.
1/810 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo

Tue to Sun 7am–3pm