The most imaginative dishes we’ve seen this year aren’t even by a chef. They’re made out of construction paper.

Melbourne animation studio Yelldesign has released a series of five stop-motion videos called Papermeal.

“It’s basically complete meals, made from paper. All the ingredients, all of the utensils, everything,” says creative director Matt Willis. “We sort of went a bit crazy.”

It took three months to complete the five animations, which run for between 30 seconds to one minute. The surreal “recipes” include ramen, jaffles and a banana split.

Founded by Willis three years ago, the Fitzroy studio makes short, shareable videos for social media – particularly for Vine, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It has found a niche in stop-motion animation and paper craft – which led to Papermeal.

“As our team slowly grew, we worked a lot more with bright-coloured paper. We’ve always had a love of food, and eventually we thought we’d do a project that included both.

“It was a bit of a side project for us,” says Willis. “We just sort of chipped away at it and discussed ideas over lunch, usually. We’re all pretty fond of eating.”

It took about two weeks to build the paper props for each video. They shot each video over three to six hours.

Willis says his favourite is the jaffle episode. “It’s got a very strong audio component, and there’s something about the whole pace of it that’s really satisfying.”

He says the penne-meatballs video was the most complicated to shoot because of the complicated camera angles and movements.

While the studio’s big clients include Amex, NAB and Twitter, this project was just for fun.

“It’s a celebration of all those jobs we’ve done, to say, ‘This is the standard we’re at’. Why don’t we make something we’re really proud of for ourselves?”

See all five videos at Papermeal.