To get to the CBD’s new Bowery Lane, you step inside a set of office-like sliding glass doors. But rather than walking straight into another of Sydney’s sky-high office buildings, a sharp left will take you into what feels like a Manhattan loft. Yes, that’s right, it’s another New York-themed restaurant. There’s no end to this trend in sight. Copper piping complements black, leather seating here, and a few fiddle leaf figs add a nice green touch to the dining room.

The inspiration for the produce-driven menu at Bowery Lane comes from an area of Manhattan originally called Bowerij by Dutch settlers, a name which literally translates as “the farm”.

“It’s about the meats,” says owner Kaz Derbas. It’s specifically about the share options. Slow-cooked lamb shoulder, a whole organic barbeque chicken, pork collar and a braised one-kilogram wagyu short rib are your choices. Each is served with vegetables, grains and dressings.

Smaller shareable snacks and entrees range from prawn or tuna sliders to jamon serrano and confit duck salad. There are also a few vegetable options on the menu. Cocktails are named for NYC favourites; try a Mulberry Street Negroni, where the classic is stirred down with house-made cold-drip coffee, or a New York Sour.

A smaller, adjacent dining room serves quick and easy lunch options, from sandwiches to smaller versions of the dinner plates. A NYC-inspired spot wouldn’t be complete without bagels for breakfast, provided by Brooklyn Boy and complemented with Single Origin Roasters coffee, Chimex or cold drip.

Bowery Lane
Shop 1, Level 4, 1 O'Connell Street, Sydney
(02) 9252 8017

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