As the city lights up for the first night of Vivid Sydney 2014, food and drink trucks will pull up their roller doors to provide goods guaranteed to satisfy all of your thirst- and hunger-related needs. This selection of Vivid food and drink options is running alongside the festival program.

Colour3 (colour cubed) is an illuminated pop-up food court open daily from 6pm to midnight in Martin Place between May 23 and June 9. It’s a sprawling maze of industrial water tanks illuminated by pixel-mapped LED lights that will house eating and drinking options from jaffles to tacos, sundaes to cocktails. This culinary playground is designed by Finely Tuned, the guys who brought us last summer’s Garden Bar at the Opera House during Taste of Sydney.

Satisfy your savoury cravings with a pulled-pork bun from Eat Art Truck or a taco from Sydney’s first food truck [Cantina Mobil]( Or you can grab a snack from Agape Organic, which will be serving tapas, pizza and sweets, try piping hot gourmet jaffels thanks to Jafe Jaffels, a tasty pastry pocket from Bite Size Delights or an Australian spin on the hot-dog by Woofys. Cutting laps around Circular Quay is thirsty work, but not to worry, the guys from Panama House will be on hand mixing up cocktails.

There will also be a Gelato Messina store, an attraction in and of itself, where soft-serve machines will pump out a menu of whacky and wonderful creations. Messina will be channelling its inner hippie to produce a range of Psychedelic Psundaes for a tasty trip.