Admit it to yourselves: at some point in your life, you’ve wanted to be French. It’s in that undeniable pull of the cobblestone streets, that unattainable je ne sais quoi that the French seem to pull off so effortlessly.

Here’s your chance to add a little Parisian whimsy to your day. Head to Metro St James during the month of June and you can pay for your coffee with a kiss between 9am and 11am. The French cafe and bistro at the back of St James Station in Hyde Park wants to see your public displays of affection in a non-creepy way.

Etienne Proust, head barista at Metro St James, said the idea came about after a brainstorming session with the staff. Suffice to say, they settled on a kiss in exchange for a coffee, “as it was the most French thing we could do” (repeat in a heavy French accent).

According to Proust, there’s been a positive response so far – except for one couple. When a woman attempted to pay and was told about the deal, her male companion looked pleased as punch. The woman, however, stiffly insisted on paying instead! What a shame.

Bring your spouse along or hope that someone cute might be standing behind you in the queue. If you’re lucky, soft orchestral music will start playing, the light will turn sepia and you’ll fall hopelessly in love with each other. Or if not, you’ll at least find yourself with a free coffee.

Metro St James
Hyde Park, St James Station
(02) 9267 3396

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