Not everyone is into Valentine’s Day and that is A-OK. However, you can’t pretend it’s not at least a little heart-warming to celebrate, whether it’s with your lover or your friends. And is there a greater act of love than sharing a dessert? Being willing to risk someone else stealing the choice mouthful is a sure-fire sign of strong feelings. To ensure all runs smoothly, in our hunt for the best desserts to share, we’ve made sure they are big (or decadent) enough for two.

Banoffee Pie at Fratelli Fresh Café Sopra

Any dessert that’s been on a menu for more than 10 years should be on your try-before-you-die list. Although the dish is an English one, it was a favourite of one of the chefs at the restaurant when it opened. And the enthusiasm has spread to diners. Layers of crushed biscuits, condensed milk caramel, sliced banana, fresh whipped cream and shaved chocolate will be hard to forget.

All You Can Eat at Aqua S

When desserts are so pretty and gravity defying they look like they’ve been made inside the Disney kingdom, it’s fair to be suspicious of how they taste. Luckily, we’ve tested the offerings at Aqua S and it’s all delicious. The “everything” option consists of two flavours (this week it’s strawberry cheesecake or salted dark chocolate along with staple flavour sea salt) and some of each topping: fairy floss, caramel popcorn and pop rocks. Don’t forget to Instagram it.

Single Origin Individual Chocolate Pies from Miss Lilly’s Kitchen

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Usually big enough to feed six, pie-maker Stuart Masters has created individual portions for Valentine’s Day, inspired by something he tasted at a farmers’ market and couldn’t forget. “I stumbled across this Ecuadorian chocolate at Bondi Markets. They had the stall next to me and needed to borrow an electrical outlet for their stone grinder, so I was sampling it all day. It is quite sensational,” says Masters. The chocolate uses single- origin , Fino de Arriba cacao from a socially responsible cooperative of 220 families in Napo in the Amazon. And does Masters believe in Valentine’s Day? “I’m of the belief one should be romantic every day, although I’m acutely aware I could be doing better!” he says. The pies will be available at Cookies + Milk in Newtown from Friday and at Bondi Markets on Saturday.

Salted Caramel and Chestnut Crêpe at Avila Crêpes

The recently opened Avila Crêpes in Bondi only seats 19 people, so you will enjoy the romantic ambience as much as this rich crêpe which is made with house-made French salted butter, fresh cream and organic sugar. An ideal drink match is the Cold Driptini, with single-origin coffee, Toissant Liqueur De Café and vanilla-infused Flor De Cana rum topped with cacao and orange dust.

White Chocolate Sandwich With Dulce deu Leche at 4 Fourteen

Colin Fassnidge’s restaurant is well known for the wonderful ways in which it turns every part of a pig into something that makes committed vegetarians think twice. Dessert is no afterthought, however, and this take on the ice-cream sandwich is pretty special. A thick slab of perfectly creamy vanilla ice cream sits between lattices of toffee wafer with dulce de leche on the side for frequent spreading.

Hot Chips and Soft Serve at Devon on Danks

Yes, you read that right. It’s real hot chips made of potato crowning a bowl of house-made soft serve. “I think everyone has done it in their childhood; sat at Maccas dipping their hot chips into soft serve. Devon on Danks is all about nostalgia. We want to bring that into our food,” says head chef Zach Tan. It works surprisingly well, with the warm, salty chips balancing the creamy sweetness of the current flavour, pandan soft serve. Devon on Danks is also doing a champagne breakfast on Valentine’s Day fit for a king (or queen), with caviar and truffles featuring heavily.

Pouding Chôumer at LP’s Quality Meats

It’s easy to lose yourself in the meat at LP’s and forget all about dessert, but that would be a shame. This dish alone is worthy of a visit. Translating to “poor man’s pudding”, pouding chôumer is from Quebec, made from ingredients that are inexpensive and abundant. A buttery sponge luxuriates in a thick, sticky layer of maple syrup that gives the cake a sugary crust.