Every coffee contraption, brewing method and flavour from each coffee region of the world, all in one place. That’s the idea for new cafe Regiment, by Zach Hiotis in partnership with Five Senses Coffee. Opening early next year, the cafe (although owned by Hiotis) will be a collaboration with Five Senses.

“I'm working very closely with Five Senses. We're putting a lot of effort into this,” says Hiotis. “I don't think anyone else in the city will have this kind of equipment.” The idea is for coffee drinkers to be able to compare and taste coffees from different regions at the same place and potentially in the same sitting. During any given week the team will batch brew a range of single-origin roasts and a rotating selection of single origins for filter coffees. “It’ll be a similar set up to the Five Senses pop-up, but bigger in scale,” Hiotis says.

The food menu is still in the design phase but we’re told there will be some similarities to what Jesse McTavish was serving at the pop-up in September. “We will have some cafe classics, but we'll be moving away from the standard office-lunch fare. Stuff you're accustomed to having at destination cafes on the weekends, which is harder to find in the CBD,” says Hiotis.

It will be a visually bold destination as well; the new cafe is moving into the bottom floor and courtyard (part of Regimental Square) of the new Grimshaw and Crone Partners development at 333 George Street. Guru Projects is behind the cafe fit-out. Hiotis describes it as “a lot of dark marble, brass, sandstone and Byron Bay blackbutt. We hope it will be very sophisticated. On Friday we're going to get the team to change the tone of the music and get everyone involved.” Specifically, he means Espresso Martinis (your choice of brew method) and cold-brew gin and tonics.

Regiment will open in February 2017 at 333 George Street, CBD.