Vinyl floors, neon signs and “damn fine” coffee – two Gelato Messina stores (one in Sydney and one in Melbourne) will be transforming into the Double R Diner in honour of the ’90s cult TV series Twin Peaks.

The pop-ups are being held to celebrate the return of David Lynch’s much-loved surrealist crime drama (the new season begins on Stan on May 22).

The best news? It’s free.

Messina is making a limited-edition cherry gelato pie for the occasion, one that Special Agent Dale Cooper would no doubt approve of. Each Messina store will give away 100 slices of the pie – 50 from 12pm and 50 from 5pm.

As well as the pie, Messina has whipped up three Twin Peaks-themed flavours.

The Twin Peaks takeover is a collaboration between Messina, Stan and Pedestrian.

“When they came to us with the original idea, it was just like, wow that’s an amazing show, it’s got such a good cult following and we could really add something to it in terms of the product,” said Messina’s brand manager Sian Baker.

The pop-ups will run between 12pm and 4pm, and later between 5pm and 10pm.

No word yet on whether the Log Lady will be in attendance.

The Double R Diner will be at Gelato Messina in Newtown on May 22.