Keskul is a practical and nutritious gluten-free pudding. It is one of the oldest Ottoman recipes and it is derived from the original recipe of Keskul-u Fukara (poor man’s pudding), served to public by the palace to celebrate war victories, religious holidays and other significant occasions. Its white pashmak and red pomegranate pearls on green pudding reminding me of a white Christmas in Europe.

There are number of traditional recipe variations, some using only almonds, some using coconut flakes. I like the crushed pistachios in the pudding to give a nice green colour and a gritty texture.


• 75g pistachio kernels
• 75g almond halves or flakes
• 50g rice flour
• 200g sugar
• 500ml full cream milk
• 500ml thickened cream
• Pashmak (Persian fairy floss) and pomegranate pearls for decoration


Pulse the almonds and pistachios separately in a food processor

Dilute rice flour in half of the luke-warm milk

Add the rest of the milk to a pot with sugar, cream, almonds and simmer

Cook for approximately five minutes or until the mixture is hot but not boiling, mixing continuously, then add the rice-flour mix

Bring to the boil then simmer for approximately five minutes or until the mixture is thickened

Add pistachios, simmer for one minute while stirring

Divide the mixture into cups or bowls to serve

Wait until mixture is room temperature to prevent a thick skin on top then refrigerate for three hours

Decorate with the fairy floss (pashmak and pomegranate pearls)