Sydney’s mobile bar fleet, Trolley'd are melting our hearts and minds with their fresh take on cocktails using native Australian ingredients, served out of recycled Ansett Airlines trolleys at parties and events. To keep the holiday mindset going, here's a recipe for summer punch.

Trolley'd Summer Punch:

This recipe is perfect for a group of 10 or so, it's all about the prep. When the guests arrive all you must do is ladle lashings of tasty booze into their cups and drop a joke or two to enjoy the party with them.

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The night before, get a takeaway container and fill with water, place in the freezer along with a bottle of gin (700ml).

Take 6-8 large lemons, remove the skins, I prefer to cut one long piece around the equator of the lemon, remove all the pith so as just the skin is left.

Place the skins in a bowl, add 400g castor sugar over them, gently muddle and leave for half an hour or longer to let the lemon oils soak into the sugar.

From your garden pick some herbs, thyme, oregano, work well with lemon myrtle leaves - but this is where you can experiment with other herbaceous flavours. Add herbs to 500ml of boiled water, leave to steep whilst you juice and strain lemons to get 300ml of juice. Place in the fridge with a couple of bottles of soda water to chill.

Once the lemons and sugar have sat and the herb tea steeped, mix them together until sugar has dissolved. Chill in the fridge.

Find a nice big fruit or salad bowl, then get it nice and chilled with ice or in the freezer.

When the first guests arrive mix in the bowl:

Chilled lemon juice

Chilled sweet lemon herb mix

Chilled gin, the whole bottle

Charge with chilled soda to taste.

Remove the ice block and place in the punch to keep it icy cold.

For a garnish we like to use wood sorrel flowers that are everywhere or lantana flowers; alternatively a leaf of oregano in each cup works well.

Trolly’d cater at parties and events, and are pretty damn good at it. See for more details.