If you’ve missed Moon Park’s modern Korean fare, we’ve got news. The team behind the popular Redfern spot will be back in July, this time with Paper Bird, an all-day Asian eatery in Potts Point.

Chefs Eun Hee An and Ben Sears and co-owner Ned Brooks are approaching Paper Bird with the benefit of their experience from the three-year marathon that was Moon Park.

“It was a fantastic experience, but it was very intense and busy right until the end. When we opened we didn’t know if people would come. This time we’re expecting them to!” says Brooks.

People can head to Paper Bird morning, noon and night for a menu that’s broadened its scope. Rather than strictly Korean food, Paper Bird will take cues from Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines.

Breakfast dishes like eggs on toast with avocado are familiar, but at Paper Bird it will come with furikake, a Japanese fish and seaweed-based seasoning. Toasted muesli will have dried persimmon and coconut rather than the usual apricot and almond.

“At Moon Park we had a strong following of adventurous diners,” says Brooks. “People were happy to eat urchin or tripe. We’re not going to have offal at breakfast, but we’ll have maple-glazed eel and congee (rice porridge). I hope people will embrace it.”

After midday, the menu departs from East/West fusion and embraces its East Asian influences. Kingfish sashimi with miso and crab is on offer, as is a one-bowl rice dish with clams, zucchini, nori and chives.

Moon Park’s famous fried chicken is making a comeback. The secret to this soy and maple fried chicken is the shrimp-paste brine and flash frying technique using two different temperatures.

The 85-strong wine list is Brooks’ domain, and he’s chosen a mix of mostly natural white and light-to-medium reds. A range of sakes are also available as well as tinnies of OB Golden Lager from Korea.

Paper Bird is taking over a large space in Potts Point formerly occupied by the Bourke Street Bakery, and it’s inherited a fitout that doesn’t need much. Existing finishes in brass, wood and concrete will be updated with fresh paint, but the team is trying to reuse as much of the original as possible.

He’s also keen to get back on the floor. “I’m one of those hospitality people who bitches about still working in hospitality for so long, but I really love it. I get a lot of pleasure out of knowing people have enjoyed themselves.”

Paper Bird is opening on July 10, 2017.