Chrissy Flanagan used to be a vegetarian. Now, she makes sausages.

“Bacon brought me back; just the smell,” says Flanagan. “I’ve converted about three former vegetarians.”

The Newtown resident (and consultant by trade) is behind Chrissy’s Cuts, a small-batch sausage company. When she returned to meat eating, Flanagan recognised a need for sausages with identifiable ingredients and made her first batch 14 months ago. From January 25, she’ll tour breweries in the inner west for her Bangers and Brews Sausage Queen Tour.

Over the course of six weekends, Flanagan will pop up at the breweries and grill her sausages – beef brisket; and pork shoulder with maple syrup and bacon – as well as a slow-roasted eggplant option to satisfy, as Flanagan puts it, “the rampant vegetarianism”. The sausages will be served with mustard made with beer from each brewery, and takeaway bags of sausages will be available at each event.

“I want to be what Pat and Sticks is to ice-cream sandwiches, and what Pepe Saya is to butter,” says Flanagan. “People find quality food important and I think this is first in its class.”

The tour – which will include visits to Young Henrys, Rocks Brewing, Batch Brewing, Wayward Brewing, Akasha Brewing and Willie the Boatman – is as much a reinvigoration of the weekend barbeque as it is a celebration of the breweries Flanagan will visit.

“It’s a really tight brewery community, so they’re all really happy to be a part of the same sausage tour.

“I want to be the Sausage Queen. I will definitely answer to that.”

The Bangers + Brews Sausage Queen Tour starts on January 25 at Young Henrys. Flanagan will visit Rocks Brewing on January 30; Batch Brewing on February 6; Wayward Brewing on February 13; Akasha Brewing on February 20; and Willie the Boatman on February 28. Visit the website for more information.