Sure, there’s more to Bondi than the beachfront, but while the days are still hot and the afternoons are still long, we thought we’d make the most out of it and have some lazy lunches on the sand before the weather turns. And from pizza to crispy quail, there’s plenty on offer before or after you hit the waves. Maybe have a fresh salad or perhaps try some touristy snacks with the best views in town. Make it a long, lazy, inexpensive lunch at Bondi Beach with these suggestions, all for under $10.

1. Poached chicken sandwich at Chapter One Coffee & Wine Room – $9.50
With a couple of street-side seats and eclectic décor inside, this little wine den at the south end of the busy Campbell Parade strip is about more than just a great drink. On a sunny day, you’ll find it’s a relaxed haunt for breezy lunches. There’s a couple of offerings on the menu that won’t break the bank, including a prosciutto and bocconcini baguette, but the poached chicken sandwich with tomato, baby spinach and chilli aioli on soy and linseed sourdough is a regular local favourite.

2. A slice of margarita pizza at Gourmet Slice – $5 87a Gould Street, Bondi Beach Just behind the showy façade of Campbell Parade, Gould Street is packing some serious food contenders. Enter Gourmet Slice, where pizzas are made in the Italian tradition of thin-crisp bases topped with simple, fresh ingredients. They’re rectangular and slices are hearty – even the margarita, which comprises molten cheese and tomato sugo. Grab some garlic bread and a drink to round out the $10 deal.

3. Wedges of roast vegetable frittata at Earth Food Store – $8.50
81a Gould Street, Bondi Beach Looking for something a little more on the healthy side? Well, Earth Food Store has you covered. There are plenty of delicious and allergy-friendly options on offer and each dish has any potential hazards (nuts, dairy, wheat) listed. The chunky vegetable frittata sure as hell makes for a hearty and vegetable-filled lunch. And you can do your grocery shopping in the beautiful store afterwards.

4. Personal quiche Lorraine at Sonoma – $7
They might be known for their extensive selection of freshly baked sourdough breads (the signature Miche included), but the pastry at Sonoma Bakery Cafe is more than a little bit special too. Options change up every so often, but keep an eye out for the delicate little quiche Lorraine – the perfect size for one. Eat in at the slick little cafe fronting the Beach House complex, or get it to go.

5. Crispy quail at Misschu – $9
Well known for her rice paper rolls, dumplings and vermicelli salads, you might not be expecting quail on the menu at Misschu. But you’ll find it here nonetheless, listed under summer specials and with instructions to pronounce it ‘kwitpee kwaiw’. At $9 a bird, it’s a bit of a change from the usual, though it’s hard to go past a selection of steamed buns and rice paper rolls.

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6. Small daily salad at Jed's Food Store – $9.50
60 Warners Avenue, North Bondi
Tucked into the back streets and a little walk from the mayhem of the beach at North Bondi, Jed’s faithfully serves up relaxed lunches and cold drinks to the locals. With its street-side seating and corner store feel, Jed’s daily salads keep things on the lighter side, without being all lettuce leaves and no substance. Watch out for the brown rice and lentils with roast tomato, green beans and chicken.

7. Bean & cheese burrito at Beach Burrito Company Bondi – $9.95
Back down at the beachfront, Beach Burrito is all about bringing laidback Mexican-style eats to the sands of Bondi. These guys now have a bunch of stores from Cronulla to Newtown, but this is where it all began. So kick back with a bean and cheese burrito as thick as your arm and bursting with black beans and smoky salsa, or grab the chilli con carne tacos (two per serve) and still get change from your $10 note.

8. Chicken, white bean and tarragon pie at Porch Bread & Wine Parlour – $8
110 Ramsgate Avenue, North Bondi Sitting neat, proud and just about on the corner of Ramsgate Avenue and Campbell Parade (with a glimpse of North Bondi beach), Porch Bread & Wine Parlour is almost a secret gem. Big windows open to the street and beautiful design makes enjoying a freshly baked pie or the bacon and egg one-hander ($8) a relaxing treat. And you’re just a lazy stroll from the sand when you’re done.

9. Battered fish burger at Surfish Bondi – $8.90
1a Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach Okay, so it’s a little on the touristy side, but sometimes Bondi is best enjoyed that way. So grab an old-school fish burger with salad and tartare and get ready for a big slab of battered fish. Eat it with both hands and then work it off with a splash in the ocean – right in the heart of Bondi Beach proper.

10. Panini at La Macelleria – $9.90
With 11 different options, all on freshly stone-baked organic buns and made to order so they don’t get soggy, the panini at The Butcher are easily some of the best value in Bondi. Favourites include the hot, freshly carved roast pork with mustard fruits and rocket pesto, prosciutto with provolone and smashed tomato, or corned beef with sauerkraut and gherkins. But there's also a one-foot sausage roll for $9.90 on offer. You can eat in at the little tables or take it away for later.

And as a bonus…if you're really looking for a view with your meal, grab a bucket of hot chips ($8) down on the beach at The Bucket List, Bondi Pavilion and enjoy while the sun dips down over the sand.