A trip to the Regent Place plaza in the CBD is a quick-stop tour of all things delicious and hyper bright from Kuala Lumpur through to Kyoto. This month, the $2.80 Japanese emporium Daiso has arrived at Regent Place, as well as a new food-focused offshoot of the store called Eat Asia. The supermarket concept is a true Tokyo shopping experience, and has about 2000 items you won’t find anywhere else in Australia.

The idea for Eat Asia came about to broaden the Daiso shopping experience. “The food at Daiso is so popular, but it’s limited to snacks by the set price,” explains Daiso’s Kaz Katashima. “We wanted to specifically expand upon the food experience at Daiso.” While prices at Eat Asia may stretch above the Daiso standard of $2.80, they still won’t break the bank. “The idea is to have the best variety of Japanese confectionary and food, and the best prices.”

At Eat Asia you will find rows upon rows of sauces, sodas, noodles and dried vegetables. While the store does have a particular emphasis on Japan, you’ll also find stock from Thailand, Korea and China. Eat Asia has a range of more-premium products, including an extensive selection of Japanese Wagyu, and popular Japanese super foods, such as matcha(link) green-tea powder (thought to increase mental clarity and focus).

“In the near future Eat Asia will also have an eat-in area, and a genuine Japanese delicatessen,” adds Katashima. It will also produce its own matcha ice cream and Japanese-style pastries. “We’re trying to be the most authentic. We want to bring Tokyo to Sydney.”

Eat Asia at Daiso
Regent Place
501 George Street, Sydney

Mon to Sat: 10am–9pm 

Sun 11am–7pm