The toastie appears to be having a moment. Consider Bennelong’s five-cheese toasted sandwich, Bar Brosé, and Mercado, which put a Wagyu tongue and gruyere toastie front and centre. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before someone took the trend to its logical conclusion and gave a whole venue over to the grilled cheese sandwich.

That venue is Toasties Toast Co, an Oxford Street venture from Michael Pham.

“Toasties, they are home food – it’s what your mum made for you as kid. When we get older, we stop eating them. I wanted to bring them back,” he says. Pham wants to keep it simple. “There is nothing too fancy here – we just focus on using great ingredients and getting creative on our weekly specials.” Pham sources those ingredients from Two Providores and is being leant a hand by his friend, chef Corey Reid (who’s worked at Ester and Momofuko Seiobo).

Next to the dependable cheese and ham-and-cheese, there’s a carb-y mac’n’cheese, and a mushroom toastie with spinach, caramelised onions and cheese. Pham’s croque madame adds mustard, pecorino and shallots to the French classic. There are a few open-faced sandwich options as well such as the Porky – Pham’s spicy house slaw, prosciutto and rocket tops a thick slice of toast.

A sleek Synesso coffee machine has pride of place. Pham using Five Senses for espresso, and guest blends for single origin cold drip offerings from the likes of Sample and Marvell Street Roasters.

The shop is cosy, light filled and has been fitted out by Pham himself. With bench-lined windows overlooking Oxford Street, your toastie comes with a good view if you plan on dining in.

Toastie Toast Co.
3/113–115 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Mon to Fri 7am–3.30pm
Sat 8.30–3pm
Sun 9am–3pm