Sometimes a greasy pizza or cheap Chinese just won’t cut it. Convenient home delivery options though they might be, they’re not exactly healthy or inspiring. So when David Berger and Nathan Besser of the late-night alcohol delivery service, Jimmy Brings saw an opportunity to work with Sydney’s best restaurants, Suppertime was born.

Accessible via a convenient and easy-to-navigate website, Suppertime is unashamedly targeted at those with a discerning palate. As Berger declares with chutzpah, “It’s not for a stoner sitting at home wanting a cheap bite to eat. We actively discourage that type of customer by having a higher-priced minimum order and are here to offer a feel-good solution for young professionals.”

Currently delivering food from just under 50 different venues around town, including Aki’s, Muum Maam and Il Baretto to name a few, the service also prides itself on variety. Customers will never have to deal with monotonous dining. Instead, they can feast on Il Baretto’s duck ragu one night, Indian dosa the next, and Korean bibimbap after that.

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With the business experience he and Besser already have thanks to the success of Jimmy Brings, and with more than 25 drivers, Suppertime is defined by a well-informed understanding of the city’s drinking and dining landscape. In short, the duo simply believe that a busy lifestyle shouldn’t get in the way of good, obtainable food.

“Suppertime isn’t super high end, ” says Berger, “but we work with the type of places you would happily dine at or take a date to.”