Few things are as pretentious as explaining to a fellow drinker that they are using the wrong glass. Whisky, (add the “e” if it’s not Scotch, ie, not made in Scotland), has for an age been served in large-based tumblers. Or if you’re a cowboy, a squat, fat shot glass. While these bring a certain level of cool, they are not the best vessel for getting the most out off your dram. The best glass is a little tulip shaped – more like a wine glass.

This is where the Denver and Liely whisky glass comes in. It brings the tumbler and the snifter – that’s the name for the proper whisky glass – into the one beautiful design. You have the wide base to get lot of air contact and a beautifully constricting barrel that focuses the amazing and varied elements of whisky into the right spot. The best glasses make you feel like you are closer to the beverage, without deep-cut crystal or rounded, fat lips. This glass does just that. It is sleek, it makes the whisky look amazing, and, most importantly, you get the best glass for the whisky without feeling like a snob.

Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner have a self confessed bromance born of all things design. Based in Melbourne and with a background in furniture design, the duo decided to turn its attention to beverage ware. This is the team’s first foray into the glass market, (perhaps selfishly) making a lovely glass to drink nice whisky from. Following extensive modelling and no doubt labourious in-house testing with Melbourne bar Whisky & Alement, the glass will be launched this week.

The glass is available online for $50 per piece with the first 100 glasses individually numbered.